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16 PCS Insulated Tool Set with BOXO Fabric Tool Bag

Product Model :BXI016

-In a chest with modular storage.

-Basic general-purpose tools supplied in a fabric bag.

-Spare capacity for additional tools.

4 PCS 1000V Insulated Slotted Screwdriver SL8x175, SL4x100, SL5.5x125, SL6.5x150mm
2 PCS 1000V Insulated Phillips Screwdriver PH1x80, PH2x100mm
1 PC 1000V Insulated Cutting Pliers 160mm (6")
1 PC 1000V Insulated Heavy Duty Cutting Pliers 180mm (7")
1 PC 1000V Insulated Combination Pliers 180mm (7")
1 PC 1000V Insulated Wire Stripper 160mm (6")
1 PC 1000V Insulated Cable Cutter 235mm
1 PC 1000V Insulated Adjustable Wrench 200mm
1 PC 1000V Electrician Knife
1 PC Electrical Tape 20M
1 PC Multi-Function Tester 12V~690V (LED)
1 PC Foldable Plastic Ruler 2M
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